Mobilizing for Worker’s Rights

In order to bolster worker claims and increase worker power in the low-wage labour market, worker centres have created innovative mobilisation techniques.

Workers' rights include the right to rest, relaxation, and fair working hours in addition to safe and healthy working conditions.

The workers need flexible hours to enjoy their free time and engage in things they like to relax themselves of the working stress.

Too much work results in a lot of stress and reduces efficiency in work.

Therefore having balance between work-life and leisure is very important.

Many companies have made it mandatory and encouraged for their employees to take vacations in order to safeguard the mental, social, and psychological health of their workforce.

Other rights include the right to work, the right against arbitrary termination, and the right to unemployment insurance.

You need to be assured that the work through which you earn your livelihood would not be taken away from you anytime.

Employment is an important thing for both the country and its people so people need to be protected against unemployment.

Workers are vital to a nation because it has to generate valuable items, or "goods." It is crucial to defend their rights as a result.

Protecting employee rights will inspire workers and boost productivity inside the company.

During a crisis (pandemic), the management of workers' rights would be primarily concerned with preserving the livelihood and general well-being of society.

Adopting cutting-edge policies and procedures will support job preservation while simultaneously defending employees' rights.

Therefore, mobilizing worker's right will bring about a better future.

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