Pride Month Importance

In order to publicly integrate all of the members of our families and communities who previously had to hide who they were, we celebrate Pride Month. 

Participating in a parade, creating a relevant artwork, or flying a pride flag are a few typical celebration activities.

You may also volunteering your time to LGBTQIA+ related causes along with your family to induce inclusivity in minds of youngsters.

Our children's perspectives on the world can be greatly influenced by our family's discussion about Pride Month. 

Increasing awareness in June is great, but for the rest of the year, we should also incorporate this message into our everyday activities.

You have a really powerful opportunity to provide an example of inclusivity as an adult in the lives of a youngster.

This can be done by going to big gatherings where diversity is openly embraced as well as through far more casual daily encounters.

It can also be helpful to use other people's pronouns correctly, include your pronouns when introducing yourself to them, and avoid assuming someone else's gender.

Avoid categorizing toys for children and colours of clothes for both adults and children based on genders.

It is critical that we recognise that an individual's gender identity and the people they find attractive may not align with their biological sex.

Within this LGBTQ+ discourse, all identities and gender expressions are viewed as legitimate and worthy of love and respect.

Every human has a right to lead their lives the way they want to, to be able to embrace themselves and be who they are.

Spreading education and awareness is important to build up a more inclusive society.

We have overcome so many problems like racism and classism. It is time that we  strive to eradicate the prejudices on lgbtq+ community too.