Save Rafah

About half of Gaza's total population is currently squeezed into the small area near the border with Egypt, making Rafah one of the most congested places on earth since October.

On Israeli orders to leave other regions of Gaza, a large number of residents fled to Rafah and now risk being compelled to relocate once more.

The Rafah humanitarian crisis is getting worse every day owing to this overpopulation and over-crowding. 

Some people sleep beneath plastic or textile remnants, encircled by sewage water, while other families share a single tent.

Deadly blast struck Rafah overnight in such apocalyptic setting, and Israeli forces are reportedly gathering close.

A humanitarian disaster would result from an invasion of Rafah.

It would unavoidably result in the deaths of thousands of civilians, the uprooting of hundreds of thousands of people, and severe starvation. 

Standing under such circumstances, global solidarity becomes important to save Gaza.

As over 36 million instagram users shared the AI-generated image to save Rafah, it displayed acts of great global concern and solidarity.

"All eyes on Rafah" draws attention to the pressing need for international awareness-raising and action to alleviate Gaza's suffering.

Financial assistance to the Palestinians should stop right away since it will continue to fund the PA's corrupt leadership, which receives backing from Israel. 

There is an immediate need to take action to restrain Israel. Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) is a nonviolent movement that deserves support.

Palestinian-Arabs must make a settlement and give up their animosity in order to achieve peace.

It is true that these issues are difficult to resolve in a culture that values illusions above truth and adheres to an honor-shame paradigm. 

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